Disaster response 2007 – the team Posted February 18, 2007 by Adrian Nance


Disaster response 2007

A helicopter-based disaster response team is needed when people are cut off by disasters.  It is not just floods that can do this.  Earthquakes, tsunami, mud slides and volcanoes can all isolate people when they are at their greatest need.

Why helicopters for disaster response?

Our research showed that nearly 60% of disasters were of these types world wide in 2005.  A helicopter response can be a key part of saving lives under these circumstances.

Life saving can be lifting people out of the hazard.  But more frequently it is much more effective to fly medical people in.  They can start an emergency clinic and start to see what the affected people need.

Helicopters also help get the right aid to the right people, as we call it.  This means surveys.  Flying disaster assessors around helps target limited amounts of aid most effectively.

Disaster response 2007

Here are Bob Gillan, the  Hope of the Nations‘ pilot with Mark Mitchell and Matthias Reutter helicopter pilot for Mercy Air.  Mark was Wings’ ground coordinator for both helicopters.

The power of a good team for disaster response 2007!